About Delano Growers Grape Products

The history of Delano Growers Grape Products stretches back to 1940 when the cooperative was founded by a group of grape growers in the Delano area. Operating under the name Delano Growers Cooperative Winery, we produced high-proof alcohol and wines from 1940 to the mid-1980s.

In the mid-80s, we left the wine market behind and began supplying white grape juice concentrate for the food and beverage industry. With this new beginning, we became Delano Growers Grape Products, which is now the leading domestic producer of white grape juice concentrate.

Our Growers

Many of our growers have been part of the cooperative for decades. Together, we work to produce the best white grape juice concentrate that our customers have been relying on for 80 years. Like our founders, the cooperative remains focused on utilizing state-of-the-art processing solutions to deliver the highest quality product.